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Bitcoin Solutions

Sovereign Money

All of our bitcoin solutions use open source code and we will never use custodial services or force you to trust third parties... even US!

Cutting Edge

Using bitcoin allows you pay anyone in the world at any time, instantly, and without risk of failure of delivery or censorship of any kind.

Easy to Use

We take the complexity out of using bitcoin. Let's put the money back in the hands of the people!

Sovereign Money

When you use a MetaHash product, you know you're getting an open-source, fully transparent, censorship-resistant solution.

Cutting Edge

Our systems are always updated to the latest and greatest bitcoin features, keeping your money at the helm of financial freedom.

Easy to Use & Customize

Our POS systems are user friendly by design with many customization features. We provide best in class customer support for all of our products.

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Financial freedom is coming.

Software Developer

Full Stack

Get a site like this one

Fully Responsive

Everything I develop will look good on any screen!

Fast and Efficient

Say goodbye to losing impatient cusomers with blazing-fast load times!

Easy to Use

Your website will be easy to use by default!

Fully Responsive by Design

I use the best layout for every screen size. Incompatibility be damned.

Fast and Efficient on You and Your CPU

I use lightweight web frameworks to create beautiful web pages that are easy on client machines and servers.

Easy to Use & Customize

My websites come with great UI and UX, tailored to your exact needs.

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Release your creativity.

Real Estate Wholesaler

Real Estate Agent

Get Connected With Buyers and Sellers instantly!


I can get you top dollar for your home! Let me go to work for your wallet!


I streamline the sales process with zero paperwork. Finding a buyer or your next home is simple!


I won't rest until you're satisfied!


As a Wholesaler, it is my job to connect sellers with the best buyers (investors) and buyers with the best sellers! (Sellers with urgency) Unlike a real estate agents, wholesaler's are incentivized to get you the best deal possible.

Streamlining Hassle

We take pride in utilizing the latest and greatest technology in the real-estate business, saving time, money and trees.


I will find what you need quickly and get you the best deal possible.

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Take the hassle out of Real Estate